Meet our friends

Freedom is being with the people you love. The people you ride with. Who inspire you to push past your limits. We partner with awesome local companies committed to our community, who make the world a little better— to bring you the freshest, most nutritious and flavourful ingredients possible. Helping one another, paying it forward.

That’s why. Freedom is why.


Freedom is sourcing almost all of our veggies locally, from our Greenheart organic garden. Picked daily, at the height of flavour and nutrition, deliciously delivered fresh to your pizza every morning. GMO-free, heirloom produce.


Freedom is gluten-free, healthy and fresh, handmade brownie bites and pizza crust.  Our friends at Skinny Genie bake them fresh everyday, using organic ingredients whenever possible, reducing or replacing fat with homemade fruit compote, lowering sodium, eliminating preservatives.  No white sugar or chemical sweeteners.  All yum.


Freedom is redefining desserts with premium ingredients, showcasing natural flavours and textures, without overwhelming the taste buds with refined sugar. Their desserts dazzle, ranging from gluten-free and guilt-free indulgences to explosions of exotic fruit, notes of Bergamot to playful blends of Jivara and Manjari chocolate. Wow.


Freedom is authentic artisan mozzarella, handcrafted fresh right here in the UAE from traditional Italian recipes with locally sourced milk.

Dairy partners

Dairy Partners are a long established family owned British dairy company. They work closely with local dairy farmers to ensure the longevity and health of the local industry. They produce high quality mozzarella cheese for our pizzas and sides using only a handful of all-natural ingredients (actually four, seriously) — less is more when it comes to nutrition. They treat us as partners, as we do them, the way it should be.

Mj chickens

When the company logo is the initials of the first names of the husband and wife team who own and run the company (Mina and Jenny), you know you’re on to a good thing. Based in Australia and with clients all over the globe, they supply all natural chicken products to the hospitality and foodservice industry. They make, hands down the best chicken tenders in the world (ask anyone whose tried them) and just about everything else that is chicken. All of their products are hormone free — no funny stuff. We liked each other so much that we became their regional distributor — (we’re not kidding — shoot us an email to to find out more).

Soul chicken

Freedom is using awesome, home made ingredients from Dubai’s own Pakistani Soul Kitchen. Their fresh take on Keema is finely spiced, halal, minced beef, expertly prepared from mother’s own recipe - the star of our Karachi Kid pizza - soulful and true.

Coco yogo

Coco Yogo creator Turner Francis knows first hand what it is like to live with food intolerances. And without deliciousness. So she fixed things. Best of all, you don't have to be lactose intolerant, vegan or celiac to get in on the artisanal goodness of dairy free treats. Coco Yogo is the totally natural way to get your plant-based sweet fix. These cute little pots of raw, vegan yumminess are crafted locally and outright ridiculously indulgent.