Food integrity

Our ingredients

Our crust is a multigrain blend, a diversity of whole grains and seeds to slow digestion and impart maximum nutrients.

Our cheese is all-natural, made with a balance of whole and semi-skim British cow’s milk, microbial rennet, culture and a pinch of salt (and nothing else) from a family owned dairy in the United Kingdom that supports it dairy farmers through thick and thin.

Our produce is almost entirely sourced from our partnership with Greenheart Organic Farms — where Elena personally oversees the cultivation of every crop, uses zero pesticides and re-enriches the desert with compost from livestock and recycled crops. In the beginning it was just a social experiment to see if a fast food company could collaborate with and source almost all (and often seasonal) produce from an organic garden in the UAE desert — it worked. How cool is that?

We had to go all the way to Australia to source our clucking amazing chicken tenders and wings — all natural, no hormones, flash fried in rice oil to set and then baked off to keep trans fats in check and them juicy and tender.

Our desserts are made by hand right here in the UAE under the guidance of a talented local pastry chef — they contain low added natural sugar and use only high quality ingredients like Valhrona chocolate and real lime bergamot. They are thoughtfully portioned, beautifully presented and perfectly fit for flawless delivery.

Our gluten free crusts and chocolate brownies are baked daily in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen by Skinny Genie.

Our quest for other high quality ingredients, suppliers and cool new menu items continues and will never stop. Our Chef has a world of new and seasonal menu ideas to keep you coming back for more. Tell us what you think.